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( Quazi Miveko)


(Phooto: 13 mounths)

Examines:  ZVOP (examination of herding talen)
                     HWT 90/100 pionts, mark: Excelent, judge M. Koško
                     IHT 1
                     ZZO 51/60points mark: Excelent , judge A. Pouč 

Brood bitch
All teeth, scrissor bite
Bonitation code: iisbawnsnna / R1
HD 0/0
CEA, PRA free (2009)
Height   52 cm
Weight 16,0 kg

Fixa is still youg girl, but she shows how much she is very talented herding dog. She is assiduous and she is forever smiling girl.
Sometimes I think, she doesn´t need  sleep.
She loves little kids and people and the most of all she likes greet. She likes similary active dog, who can be as quick as she.
Her disadvantage is rashness, but it is the right border collie, isn´t it?
She doesn´t like  to be alone.
We try to herd, she is good, I am the main problem :(
If I will be better, we would participated in any races?






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ISDS 255577


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