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(Futura Corlan Gi)

(Photo: 11 mounths)

2x  CAJC, 2xCAC, 2X CACIB, 2x BOB

Examines: ZVOP ( test of herding ability),
                HWT (herding working ability) 75 / 100
points j: J.Tancer

Brood bich
All teeth, scrissor bite

Height 31cm
Weight  14,50kg
PRA - Free (09)
Bonitation: III 4A C2 E1 M1

Týna is  Enča´s  daughter, she was my the most favorit puppy of all the litter. She watch you constantly, she was all time happy and she learned quickly and she was realy nice. But we sold her to Germany.
There she lived with her new family and with a team of French buldogs. Her owner contacted us after 8 mounts and she wrote bad massege, she (Mrs. owner) was diseased and all her dog had to go away. So we went for Týna to Germany, we wanted to care about her until we will found her a new owner.  Týna was nice, friendly to all people and dogs, energy-full and talkative, sweet girl. Purely and simply she was and she will be forever the right cardigan. We get the second chalenge.
Could we leave her go away ? 
She had only one problem, she didn´t know any comands. But it is not any problem for us and for this type of dog. 
Týna is inteligent girl and she know many funny comands now ( f.e. drums roll, give mi five, slalom, thouch it by nose, by leg, ...). I hope, she will know more funny comands soon.






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